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Balance, Coordination, and Motor Planning

Balance, coordination and motor planning are complex activities that require a number of components of movement to work in synchrony.  It requires not only the physical attributes of strength, but the ability to use both sides of the body together while at the same time using internal cues about where your body is in space and external cues from the environment to produce a smooth and controlled movement response.  When there is a dysfunction in any of these areas, your child may appear clumsy, may have trouble keeping up with peers or may have trouble attempting new skills.  This can be mistaken at school or in the home for a lack of understanding or defiance. It can also create an unnecessary obstacle to social development and self- esteem.


Our therapists are able to help provide education related to where the breakdown is occurring and provide activities to support the maturation of these systems.  This can help decrease parent anxiety and promote supportive ways of working with your child.